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Disgraceful Scheme of “Refugee off-shoring’’

Eritrea: Editorial SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2021 Minister of Information

Disgraceful Scheme of “Refugee off-shoring’’

18 April, 2022

Press Statement

The British and Rwandan Governments have announced the signing last week of what has been termed as the “Priti Patel landmark deal” to send, through Charter flights, “asylum-seekers to Rwanda for processing” of their cases under an initial fee of 120 million Pounds.

The illicit scheme provokes a host of questions.  Indeed, the whole package is intended to obscure the underlying causes, dynamics and varied tentacles of the scourge of human trafficking.  Apart from vicious conflicts and wars stoked and exacerbated by extraneous agendas, certain countries continue to pursue policies of “strategic depopulation” against some countries for ulterior political motives.  These are the vital dimensions that should be addressed for an enduring remedy to the global, multi-layered, crime.

In the event, the cheap and Disgraceful Scheme, that has evidently solicited complicity of an African country through financial incentives, must be roundly opposed and deplored.

Ministry of Information


18 April, 2022

‘Inhumane’: UK plan to send refugees to Rwanda sparks criticism

Human rights groups slam a $156m trial scheme to offload thousands of refugees to Rwanda.

London, United Kingdom – The British government has been accused of trading people like commodities after it unveiled a controversial plan to send asylum seekers on a one-way ticket 6,000km (3,700 miles) away to Rwanda.

In a speech on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said anyone who has entered the United Kingdom irregularly since the start of the year “may” be relocated to the country in central-east Africa.

“Our compassion may be infinite but our capacity to help people is not,” he said in Kent, a county in the UK’s southeast and a hotspot for refugees and migrants who cross the English Channel and land on British soil.

Johnson said “thousands of refugees” could be transported during the years under the scheme, which, he argued, would “save countless lives” and clamp down on human smugglers.

Many disagreed, however. Rights groups and refugee organisations swiftly blasted what they called a “cruel”, “inhumane” and “neo-colonial” plan, and questioned both its cost to the British taxpayers and effect on migration.

“It’s truly shocking and inhumane,” said Steve Valdez-Symonds, the refugee and migrant rights programme director at Amnesty International UK.

“The plan is not going to decrease the number of refugees. It will inflict a huge amount of cruelty and fuel more dangerous refugee routes to be set up,” Valdez-Symonds told Al Jazeera.

People traded like ‘commodities’

According to the plan, the British government would screen asylum seekers after arriving and provide their personal information to the Rwandan officials before they are transported to Kigali. The Rwandan government would deal with the asylum process and, if they are successful, asylum seekers will settle in the country.

Some details are still a bit murky but all refugees arriving in the UK in boats will be sent to Rwanda. If their application is successful, they will not be given refugee status in the UK but will be granted asylum by Rwanda. Those unsuccessful could be deported back to their country of origin, or another country where they have a right to reside.

Refugees who flee to the UK from prosecution, civil war and torture have the right to claim refugee status under international agreements. However, they can only claim asylum in the UK on British soil.


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